FILM: Partial list:
Casualties Mother: Fatima (Lead) New York Film –Souzan Basmaji
Peace No War Mother: Victoria (Lead) Queen Victoria of Sheba Prods.
Crescent Star Dadi (Supporting) Turk Adiguzel
Ready or Not Neighbor’s Wife (Guest Star) Green Straw Productions
Ground Zero News Caster (Guest Star) Joseph Zito-Ground Zero Prod.
Kodak Demo Elegant Woman (Lead) Kodak & Bravo Films
The Scorpion King Egyptian Woman (Featured) Stinger Productions
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Mother (Featured) Steven Spielberg-Dreamworks
Oh Happy Day Wife Sara (Guest Star) Charlie Jordan
Tripfall Waitress (Supporting) Rojak Films, Inc.

TELEVISION: Partial list:
Carnivale (Pilot) Gypsy Apollonia (Guest Star) HBO / Carny Inc.
Life Victories w/Angel Victoria Victoria (Lead) Queen’s Mission Int’l
Preview on Hollywood Guest Star Magic Entertainment/ Europe
"Touching Lives" Show Guest Star Kathy Bee Productions
The Norm Show Oscar Winner (Featured) Warner Brothers
The Masada Lamp Mother (Lead) MPR Productions
"Let’s Talk Success" Show Guest Star La Salle Productions
Mother’s Day Guest Star/Singer AATV Productions
Visual Bible for Kids Pedestrian (Featured) Marca-Relli Productions

COMMERCIALS: List available upon request.

THEATER: Lead-One Woman Musical Show Barnsdall Theater in Hollywood

Stuart Robinson Adv. Audition Techniques.
Director: Alan Feinstein Acting Studio Audition Techniques
Director: Joel Colman Acting for Professionals
Jeremiah Comey Studios The Five Arts of Film Acting
AIA Studios/Jay Richardson Intensive Scene Study
Van Mar Academy/ Ivan Markota The Business of Acting / Scene Study
AEA/Christina Ferra-Gilmore Scene Breakdown Technique
Sam Christensen’s Self Image Design Process I.
Stuart Robinson Adv. Commercial Audition Tech.
Weist-Barron-Hill Commercial Acting I
CSU-Long Beach Business Administration Grad - BS 1989

LANGUAGES: French (Conversational).
DIALECTS: European (French, Italian and Spanish).

Singer-Soprano Voice. Swim, Bowl, Horseback Ride, Dancing, Aerobics, Bicycling.
An Author/Writer, a Life Coach, and a Humanitarian with a mission to spread Love and Peace in the World, to inspire and help needy and suffering people especially Youth and Children.

Member of "Women in Film", The Recording Academy, ASCAP, Film Industry Network, IFP/West, "Intermission", "Film Artists Network", "Academy Players Directory".

Queen Victoria of Sheba
Hair : Red Brown/Black.
Eyes : Hazel Brown.
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