Queen Victoria of Sheba-The Risen Queen of the South, is a Peacemaker & a Hollywood Star; a dedicated chosen woman with her Godly mission to spread Love & Peace on Earth; a Legend Exotic Diva of many Talents with a Striking Beauty and her Seductive Hazel Brown Eyes. She is a Christian American Lebanese Citizen born on February 26th in Kuwait. She immigrated to USA where she resides in Los Angeles, California since 1986. She is a graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration -Finance from California State University -Long Beach.

She is an Actress (a Screen Actors Guild member since 1998); a Singer with a Passionate Angelic Soprano Voice that conquers hearts and souls of people (a Grammy & ASCAP Member since 2007); her image is a Classy, cute & Sexy Brunette with a dazzling personality. She is a creative Writer and an Executive Producer.

Since 1986 she’s been a Gifted Humanitarian Counselor, Healer and a Life Coach and has helped for charity and advised many needy from every age: Children & Youth, Adults & Seniors. She is an Angel of Love in the City of Angels (Los Angeles), spiritually gifted with Angelic Powers and unbounded Motherly Love to help people, to touch every human heart with Joy, Love and Peace, to comfort, inspire and counsel many needy and suffering people. She is stimulating, beneficent and a Muse to compassion.

In 1993, she established "Queen’s Mission Worldwide Company" while she was visiting Kuwait for business after its liberation from the Desert Storm, as she realized her mission in life is to spread Love and Peace on earth, Hope, Faith, Joy, Righteousness, Success and Happiness to Humanity, and for Victory of Justice & Truth to prevail in the World, and to help, comfort, heal and inspire many needy and suffering people.

Determined to spread her mission from Hollywood (USA) and from Lebanon to the World through all her work, she pursued her career in Hollywood in 1997, to accomplish that through her Songs & Music CDs, her Film productions and her books, with good inspiring stories through the screen and the Internet. She focuses on producing Humanitarian, Educational, Inspirational, Musical, Godly Christian Films, TV and Web (programs and episodes), with special productions for Children and Youth, while performing at concerts and sharing in cultural events.

As a Philanthropist, in 1998, she is the Founder and CEO of "Queen Victoria of Sheba World Mission (for Love & Peace)" -Cultural, Educational, Humanitarian, and Multi-Media- Faith-Based Non-Profit based in Beverly Hills. Her goals are to help, educate and inspire our future generation with focus on helping needy Foster Children and troubled youth as well needy and suffering people; to help in healing and saving USA, Lebanon and the World; by educating all life skills through entertainment to live a happier peaceful successful and Righteous lives for the betterment and Welfare of Mankind. All her actions contribute to Enlightened Wealth, World Peace and Social Justice.

Promoting Peace is not an easy task, yet she has the skills and talents to make a difference, in a world obsessed with material and military solutions. Her objectives are to enlighten people from all cultures and religions, to live in harmony and peace, and to promote cultural religious dialogue to avoid wars.
She is a member of women in film and other film industry networks. She was an active member of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce for many years.

Her Projects:

***In 2011-2012, she is launching a New World Community Social Humanitarian Educational Website & Internet TV site: www.HappyLoveforPeace.org , that welcomes all visitors and encourages all people to participate as involved members, subscribers and contributors.

***In 2009, she starred, wrote and executive produced Film: "Peace No War", a Short Musical Drama 14 minutes, filmed in Los Angeles, based on her songs from her album "Love For Peace", in English language with some Lebanese, then she subtitled the film in 3 languages: French, Spanish and Arabic. She dedicated the film to all parents and others who lost their sons or loved ones to wars or killings. The Film was selected by Five International Film Festivals in 2010 with screenings at the following:
- Swansea Bay Film Festival – United Kingdom.
- International Film Festival – Ireland.
- African Enterprise International Christian Film Festival.
- Festival du Cinéma de Paris.
- International Film Festival – Egypt.

***In 2009, She created a new website: www.SavingParadiseLebanon.com She commented: "Because I Love Lebanon my country, and I wish to help in its prosperity and for Peace to prevail, to promote Holy Lebanon as an ancient civilization mentioned in the Holy Bible over 71 times, and share who we are and our great heritage and culture to the World. To link it to my other websites to introduce Paradise Lebanon to the World as the nation of the message for Peace where we live in harmony among all religions, showing its beauty of nature to encourage Tourism, and to inspire all powerful Lebanese Immigrants to help Lebanon and its People in every way possible, focusing on sponsoring children and youth with their school and university education."

***In 2007, she co-produced released her First World Music Album CD "Love For Peace" with 13 Tracks, by her own Record Label "Victoria World Music", and submitted it to the Grammys. She worked with great famous composers, like Shadow Sky, Elias Rahbani and Rahbani Brothers (French Lebanese song), Connie Peterson, Joseph Nasrallah and Lord Chester. She sings in different styles with her Four Ranges vocal Soprano voice: Pop, Rock, Christian & World music, in different languages; American, French, Lebanese & Spanish. She sings for Love, Unity & for Peace, for the great Love of God and Lord Christ to his children, for Babies and for Children of the World. For more info on her music Albums and to purchase her CDs, go to: www.VictoriaWorldMusic.com.

***In 2003, she filmed her first documentary at Elementary school in Compton-Los Angeles, while coaching all children in the Auditorium. During her 2 visits for one class, the student’s performance got better and they achieved the highest grades in the district for that year, and all were awarded and qualified to a Gift program course.


* In 2003, she represented USA at WCOPA World Championship of performing Arts Awards Event in Burbank, California. She received two Awards of Bronze Medals, one for Acting Drama Monologue she wrote, and one for Singing Soprano (Wishing you were here song from Phantom of the Opera).

* Business Woman of the Year (2004), from NRCC -National Republican Congressional Committee in Washington DC and was invited to attend the President’s Dinner.

* National Leadership Award (2003), from NRCC in Washington DC, and was invited to attend the President’s Dinner.

* Received an award 1994 from Amir today (who was then the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad) and letters of appreciation and comments from Crown Prince and Head of Senate and other Ministers, for publishing Kuwait International Directory 1994.

Her other Achievements:
*In 1994, she Published "Kuwait International Directory 1994-Economic, Investment & Touristic", 400 pages, 200 pictures in two languages (Arabic & English). Book was acquired in quantities and used at embassies, Kuwait Airline offices, Chamber of Commerce, at university and for a TV Program as reference, etc.

*In 1990, she executive produced Int’l Lebanese Theatrical Concert: First USA Tour for Singer Majida El-Roumi in 3 states (LA, NY/Carnegie Hall & San Francisco), to Promote Lebanese Art and Culture in USA, with a group of 43 guests included great Director Simon Asmar, and great Composer Ihsan Al-Munzer. Concert was videotaped and produced on Film & broadcasted on TVs, and a booklet was printed and distributed.

*She acquired her Real Estate License and worked as a Realtor since 1987, while continuing her university education till she graduated, where she got additional training in sales, marketing and public relations, and sold residential, land, business and commercial properties.

Her Background:

Her birth name is Victoria-Rita Elia Kaldawi. Her Nickname is Vicki.

She is blessed with kind loving supporting parents whom she is an extension of:
Her Dad Elia Nassif Kaldawi, is a very kind hearted and a good storyteller, and is loved by everyone who met with him. He loves the movies and watching TV, and has a gift to bring a smile to all he meets. He lived in Kuwait for 30 years and worked at KAC for 22 years.

Her Angel Saint Mother Georgette George Salem, stood by her through all her life struggles. She had a beautiful soprano voice and was a very good counselor that helped many and saved many families from divorce, a good inspirer and a very faithful Christian believer of God.

So when her parents got sick and elderly, she became their full time Caregiver and dedicated her life to help them with all their needs, to make them happy, and she took them to travel many places for vacations, till her only best friend and life companion Mom passed away June 17, 2011, which saddened her heart and altered her life.

She loves to sing since she was a child, especially Love Story songs, and would sing for her Mom every Mother’s Day. First time she sang in Church, she sang for Mother Mary. She loves to sing for all Mothers.

She has two married Brothers. Nassif has Nine 9 children (5 Boys and 4 Girls), and Bassam has 2 girls.

She grew up living in Lebanon and Kuwait, as she spent all her summer vacations of 4 months in Lebanon Mountain Resorts with her family, while she went to a Christian private School in Kuwait till high school: "Sunrise School (Fager Al-Sabah School) of the Rosary Nuns. She studied one year Business Administration, as a boarding student, at Middle East College in Beirut, Lebanon (Division of an American University in CA, USA). There she was close to her Grand Mother Victoria whom she is named after.

Due to War, she had to return to Kuwait, and work as a secretary, till she traveled to Los Angeles, California, USA to continue her studies, for one year at Glendale Community College. Then she again had to quit her college for another 3 years, due to family circumstance, and worked in Kuwait for 3 years as an Internal Auditor at the Industrial Bank of Kuwait, with 2 years of College Degree, to help her family and older brother to finish his University Education.

She shares: I am from USA Nation of Liberty, One Nation under God, and from Lebanon Paradise on Earth", Even though I was born in Kuwait, I am from Paradise Lebanon, the Homeland of the Message of Love & Peace and many Saints, and the Origin of many Prominent Humanitarians & Artists like Danny Thomas, Jubran Khalil Jubran, The Monk (Tony Shalhoub), Casey Kasem, etc.

Other achievements for Lebanon:
* In November 2009 she performed for Lebanon Independence Day event.
* In October 2008 she visited Lebanon and was interviewed on TV by (Telelumier Network (Omr Killoh program with May Mansour) included interview with Bishop George Saliba to post his trivia quotation about her; by Future TV & TeleLiban (Good Morning programs), and by some Press. She took then permission and films from Minister of Tourism to post on Lebanon Website.
* In November 2006, she represented Lebanon at Ms Asia-USA Beauty Peagent, to share its Culture where she sang in Lebanese, and Advertised a page in the yearly book.
*At Middle East College in Beirut, she gave a speech which she wrote about Lebanon and its prosperity to all students and faculty, on Lebanon’s Independence Day.
*While in Kuwait, her early years, she helped through granting advertisements in full funding of a Lebanese Theatrical Event.
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